“MUNÉZ, a known swabian, is a integral part of the club scene in south germany and etablishs in the whola country He played with big ones like Cuebrick , Dr.Motte , Beatrockers etc. 2017 he got under contract with the succesfull label Tokabeatz that significantly influenced the success of many stars, for example „Gestört aber Geil“ There published the EDM, House and Hardstlye producer atn the beginning of august 2018 his very first single „Road To Macchu Picchu“ feat. Dany Dutch. The single reached the top third in the national Dance Charts. At the end of 2018 also the single “Together we are One” was published with the singer and songwriter Tim Fichte. It got to the top 50 at the german dance charts, and hold it´s place for seven weeks Also got Munéz the third place at the German DJ Contest 2018. In 2019 he signed his second label contract with the label Seveneves Records. Over the Year 2019 Munéz published „Party Anyways“, „Turn Around“ , „Foolin Me“ , „Everybody Jump“ , „Sparks“ and „Island“. Munéz own quote „Music is my key of happiness”

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